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The M240 model is designed as a coaxial machine gun for tanks and 7.62mm fire power on light armored vehicles. The M240C is a variation with a right-hand feed for use on the M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle and LAV as the coaxial machine gun. Both variant uses a charging cable instead of a charging handle and have a full or half pistol grip depending on application.



Available with Full or shortened trigger group.

Caliber: 62x51 mm NATO

Firing Mode Operating Principal: Full-Automatic

Max Effective Range: Gas-Operated   

Max Range: 1,200 Meters (1,312 yds) -Iron Sight

Muzzle Velocity: 3,725 Meters (4075 yds)        834 m/s (2.740 fps)

Rate of Fire (cyclic): 650-900 Rounds per minute


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