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The U.S. Ordnance M48 Fixed (Turret Type) is a link-belt fed, recoil-operated, air cooled, crew-served machine gun. The machine gun is capable of firing automatic only. Ammunition may be fed from either the left or the right side of the gun, making it suitable for use in armored vehicles. The M48 machine gun is used extensively on the M1, M1A1, or M1A2 Abrams main battle tank commander’s station and coaxial mounted on various Armorer Fighting Vehicles (AFV) used by the United States and most NATO countries. The M48 is in service with the U.S. Military and the armed forces of over 23 nations and is the world standard in heavy machine guns. U.S. Ordnance recently completed a multi-year contract to supply M48 machine guns to the US Military.


QCB Conversion

US Government long-term contract ensures ongoing parts interchange with all M48 machine guns produced in the United States.

Can be fitted to all types of armored, light and heavy vehicles, patrol boats, helicopters and aircraft.

Stellite Lined and chrome plated barrels.

Charging or recharging the weapon in case of a malfunction or stoppage is accomplished with the M10 Charger.

Sustained automatic fire.

Fires all types of NATO ammunition: Ball, Tracer, AP, API, APIT, AP Hardcore and Multipurpose.

Simple, durable, and rugged design for ease of maintenance.

Available in Quick Change Barrel (QCB) for fixed headspace and timing.

Converts from left-hand to right hand feed.

Barrel life exceeds 10,000 rounds.

Variety of mounting applications.

Can be fired manually or by solenoid.

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