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 Company Profile

      ASCIM Defense Industry and Outdoor Sports Ltd. Co. has founded 2000, in the Capital City of Turkey, Ankara.

      It is one of the prominent firearms, ammunition, optics/electro-optics devices, and tactical equipment supplier to Turkish Armed Forces, Ministry of Defense and Law Enforcement Agencies (Gendarmerie General Command, Turkish National Police and Cost Guards)

      Supplier of weapons, optical components and other equipmemt to other Turkish Defense Industry Companies such as Aselsan (optics and weapon platform manufacturer), Otokar, BMC, FNSS, Nurol (Tactical Armed Vehicle Manufacturers)

      Exports and provivdes brokerage services for the sale of defense industry products manufactured in Turkey.

Business Principles for Customers                         

      Our main principle is always to search and offer reliable, durable, combat proven and cutting edge technology products to our customers. For thise purpose we visit more than 6 defense industry exhibitions, besides company visits abroad.

       We are maintaining close communication with servicemen, procurement services, Ministry of Defense, Law Enforcement Agencies and other Defense Industry Institutions and companies through our diligent veteran Army and Law Enforcement Agency combat and technical servicemen.

      We maintain after sale services through our 3 technical personnel.

 Business Principles for Business Partners


      •      While we are observing the customer interests and needs, we also oberve the benefits of our business partners we represent. For this purpose;

            -  Promote the products of these companies, by taking brochures&informative sheets, making presentations demonstaritons to the customers. Time to time bring delegations from military and law enforcement agencies to the manufacturers to show them manufacturers production and test capabilities.

            -  Inform our business partners on every procurement projects,

            -  Brief our business partners on procurement methods and assist them for preparing necessary documentation needed for participating the procurment process.

-    Participate procurement projects with our buisness partners’ products

-         Pariticiapate procurements projects with them or on behalf of our business partners.

-         Sign the contract on behalf of our business partners or expertising for signing contract,

-         Follow up financial issues for our business partners.

-         Accompany acceptance inspections and tests together with the customer’s delegation

-         Follow up and maintain warranty services


Accomplishments (last 3 years)


      12,7 mm M2 Machine Gun                                                  +500 Units

      7.62x51 mm Machine Gun                                                   1150 Unists

      .338 Cal Sniper Rifle with Scope                                         25 Units

      7,62x51 mm Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle                                   165 Units

      Small Caliber Ammuniton                                                    + 80,000,000 pcs

      Gun Sights                                                                             + 8000 Pcs

      Tactical and Weapon Lights                                                 + 7000 pcs

      Magazines and Ammunition Belts                                       + 80,000 pcs

      Weapon Accesories and Spare Parts                                  + 15 Contracts



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+90 (312) 446 33 36
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